Tunisia is among the top 15 garment suppliers in the world, and has the advantage of being close to the European market. It is the fifth largest supplier to the European Union, as well as the leading trouser supplier to the EU. Other important products are work wear and lingerie. The main foreign investors in the apparel sector in Tunisia are France, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

This web site is a part of a project initiated by the chamber of commerce and industry of the center and funded by the FAMEX ( foreign markets acces fund ) in order to offer to scandinavian companies the opportunity to meet selected Tunisian companies and to explore further partnership and production opportunities.

The scandinavian apparel and fashion industry is characterized by the emergence of many new brands and designers; Tunisian apparel industry offers many ooportunities to scandinavian countries. Thanks to its assets in terms flexibility, reactivity, adaptable production volumes, just-in-time delivery, communication skills and a fundamental respect for social and environmental standards.

Major reasons for choosing Tunisia

  • Competitive production costs
  • Flexible and adaptable production system
  • Qualified and available human resource.
  • Respect of delivery time frames.
  • Reliable and high performance sourcing.
  • Respect of social and environmental standards.
  • Full line of services available from sub-contracting to co-contracting and finished products .

Main clients and references

More than 200 brands are currently working in Tunisia. here is a non exhaustive list of known brands : Armand Thierry, Benetton, Cacharel, Diesel, Balmain, 4 You, G.Laroche, Hugo Boss, Kookai, Lacoste, Adidas, Catimini, Lee. More...


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